Professional Landscape & Design

Statesboro Georgia Landscape Design by Mike’s Lawn, Landscape and Irrigation – Commercial/Residential

statesboro_landscape_2By definition, landscaping, means arranging or modifying the features of the grounds around a home to improve the property from the standpoint of aesthetic ideas and/or practical usage.
Mike’s Landscape in Statesboro Georgia will help you with Ideas for practical improvements for your Yard and Landscape: you yourself have been living and gardening on this property, and no one knows the deficiencies of its landscape design better than you and we’re here to assist you accomplish your Goals with creative and aggressive landscape designs.

Perhaps there are garden areas desperately in need of improved drainage, for instance. Or there may be large trees near your home that need to be limbed. But it may be difficult to arrive at a firm idea of just how to improve a property aesthetically and that’s where we come in. We offer the following Services.

  • Residential and Commercial
  • New Construction
  • Sodding or Re-Sodding
  • Landscape Re-Design
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Grading and Drainage

This and more is available in Statesboro by Mike’s Lawn, Landscaping and Irrigation.

Landscaping Adds Value to your Home

A great looking and properly designed home landscaping design in Statesboro Georgia increases real estate value. The average figure yielded by studies over the years is a range of from 7% to 15%. Your home landscaping amounts to a major decision in your life and Mike’s Landscape in Statesboro Georgia is here to assist you with these decisions.

Mike’s Lawn, Landscape and Irrigation in Statesboro offers over 20 years experience in the Landscaping and Landscape Design Business in Statesboro Georgia. Please watch the Landscape Slide Show below for ideas for some serious “curb-appeal” for your yard or business.