Professional Lawn Care

Statesboro Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance – Serving Bulloch County and Statesboro Georgia

statesboro_landscape_4 If you neglect spring, summer or fall lawn care in Statesboro Georgia, you could end up paying for it the rest of the year. Now the good news: Mike’s Lawn Care and Maintenance is here for you! Regular lawn care doesn’t entail nearly the amount of money that you’ll have to invest in your mower, repairs and other purchases (or accidents) related to Lawn care throughout the season.

Mike’s Lawn Care of Statesboro Georgia will implement several or all of the following for your lawn care needs, depending upon your own unique circumstances.

Mike Crane offers over two decades of experience. A resume is available.


Time to Mow Grass here in Statesboro!

Along with shoveling snow or dirt, mowing lawns may be one of the least exciting aspects of yard maintenance. Still, it has to be done to have a good looking. well manicured lawn. Mike’s Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance in Statesboro is here to mow your grass correctly and care for it properly. You may have wondered about some of the services involved with Lawn maintenance, especially if you’re new to hiring professionals to care for your lawn. Here are a few services we offer to our Lawn care Customers.

  • Mow your Lawn
  • Trim/Weed-eat around Trees, Mailboxes, Shrubs, etc.
  • Trim your Hedges/Trees
  • Edge your Driveway(s) and Curbing, Sidewalks, etc.
  • Mulch and Straw Installation
  • Blow off your driveway(s) etc. after the job is complete
  • Do it all at a fair price so all parties are happy, happy, happy…
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